It has been almost four years to the day since I last blogged.

This last month has been ….a lot.

I have missed blogging more this month than I have at any time in the past four years. So I thought, if Gilmore Girls can do a reprise season, I can too.

The wheel of life has rolled forward. Mr. A and I are still steering our ship through these sometimes choppy Midwestern waters. Our girls are a little older. M is 13, almost 14 and headed to high school next year. L is 10 1/2 and becoming more and more of herself every day. We also added a new family member: a terrible but beloved little dog named Pickles. We are still finding our path with L’s birth family. Sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is hard. We can talk about that later, though.

I know, blogs are dead.

Let’s all hold hands and pretend it is 2006, when things were easier.




5 thoughts on “Coda

  1. L.

    Wow, time flies……
    I have two kids in COLLEGE! And my baby, who was in diapers when I started blogging, is a surly 14-year old!


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